20 Best CBD Products For Dogs To Try In 2021

CBD for dogs? Most people find it shocking but it's very normal. You and your dog have one thing in common that is the endocannabinoid system, the system that affects the brain, skin, eyes, heart, stomach, and mood. Just like your body, your dog's body is affected by this endocannabinoid system too. Therefore, giving CBD products is way too essential for dogs as well. CBD products consist of cannabinoids that tend to keep the endocannabinoid system healthy eventually making your dog's overall health better.

20 Best CBD Products For Dogs To Try In 2021

CBD for dogs? Most people find it shocking but it's very normal. You and your dog have one thing in common that is the endocannabinoid system, the system that affects the brain, skin, eyes, heart, stomach, and mood. Just like your body, your dog's body is affected by this endocannabinoid system too. Therefore, giving CBD products is way too essential for dogs as well. CBD products consist of cannabinoids that tend to keep the endocannabinoid system healthy eventually making your dog's overall health better.

When you want to buy a CBD product for your dog, there are certain things that you would need to consider;

  • Quality is most important. Make sure that the product you are buying is third-party tested.
  • You can buy both full-spectrum and CBD isolate, but full-spectrum CBD is more effective.
  • Another great way to buy a quality product is by always checking that the word CBD is written on the product.
  • Make sure to check the quantity of CBD a product contains.

But when it comes to buying the best CBD products, the process can get confusing as there are a lot of companies selling a variety of CBD products. To make this process easier for you, here we gathered 20 of the best CBD products for your dog.

1. TropiCBD Pumpkin Dog Treats

TropiCBD pet edibles are specially formulated to give your dog CBD benefits along with a delicious taste. The treats come in heart shape biscuits and with a mouth-watering pumpkin taste, that your dog will love to eat. These pumpkin dog treats are loaded with antioxidants and are THC-free. Along with CBD it also consists of natural and fresh ingredients to maximize the effects.

The pumpkin puree in it is a great source of fiber that can help your dog to feel better and stay healthy. It also contains organic molasses which work as a sweetener and is packed with minerals and nutrients. TropiCBD pet treats will help your dog stay active and live a healthy life. You can give these treats to your dog even if it is on some sort of medication.

2. JustCBD Chicken Meatballs Dog Treats

Help your dog overcome anxiety and stress with delicious meatballs that will surely keep them hooked till the last bit. With this unique formulation, JustCBD has set new trends in the doggo world. For this, the brand has also been featured in various publications, including BM Magazine, Delaware Business Times, and IB Times.

With a nearly original flavor, JustCBD’s meatballs are sure to become your dogs favorite instantly. They are made with the highest quality hemp extract that ensures maximized results. One of these at a time will efficiently calm your dog no matter how stressful it is.

3. MEDTERRA Beef Dog Tincture 

No one wants to see an annoying pet at home after coming from a long and tiring workday. But we all have been there. It is very usual for pets to get annoyed when the owner isn't around. No more worries, as this CBD tincture by MEDTERRA is specially formulated to help your pet relax when you are not around. Your pet deserves a high quality of life and this tincture will help your pet live a healthy and active life. A plus point about this tincture is that it comes in different potencies so you can buy one according to your pet's size and needs.

4. Neurogan, INC. Full Spectrum Dog Treats 

Neurogan's CBD treats will promote the wellness of your dog in the form of a delicious snack. It is formulated with natural ingredients like coconut oil, peanut butter, and non-GMO hemp which will help to promote both the mental and physical wellbeing of your dog.

These delicious chews will help your dog relax during vet visits, in elevators, and even when they are alone. The treats consist of full-spectrum CBD, consisting of hemp in its purest and most unprocessed form. If your pet has never taken CBD before, then start by giving them half of this CBD chew and monitor how your pet reacts. After careful administration, increase the dosage accordingly.

5. Creating Better Days Dog Tincture 

This CBD Nano-Amplified tincture by Creating Better Days will give your dog a boost of everyday support and relief. It is packed with essential vitamins, probiotics, cannabinoids, and healthy fatty acids which help to support an efficient endocannabinoid system of your dog. Adding this tincture into your pet's daily life will help it have a healthier and quality life. This tincture will help your dog get rid of body pains caused due to old age. It will also help against anxiety and depression making your dog healthier and more active. The tincture is completely THC-free and will not have any psychoactive effects on your dog.

6. CBDMD Bacon Canine Hip + Joint Chews

With these CBD treats you can simply satisfy your dog's appetite with bacon while providing them with the plant-based support of CBD. CBDMD treats are soft chews that are very easy to eat and are very delicious. They consist of superior broad-spectrum CBD to provide the best health benefits to your dog. These CBD chews will help your dog stay active and relaxed.

Try to give at least one chew every night, it will help your dog have a sound sleep and wake up energetically the next day. These chews come in three different sizes and strengths so you can buy one according to your dog's size.

7. CBDISTILLERY Full Spectrum CBD Pet Tincture

It is a full spectrum pet tincture that can help your furry friend reap all of the same potential benefits of CBD oil that you do. CBDISTILLERY pet tincture is formulated with cold-pressed hemp seed oil, which will work with your dog's natural system and aid in easy digestion. It comes in a delicious taste so you can also add this tincture to your pet's food. And your dog can enjoy all the CBD benefits while having its regular meal. It is especially recommended if your dog is getting lazy or acting strangely. With this tincture, it will eventually start feeling better as this tincture mainly works to make your pet active and energetic. 

8. Koi Naturals CBD Dog Spray

KOI Naturals CBD spray brings a natural and effective formula to your dog’s better health. It consists of coconut oil which helps the dog better absorb each serving of the spray. 

Unlike some other pet products, this spray is very easy to use. Simply spray this blend of CBD on your dog's food or you can directly spray it into your dog's mouth. It will provide your dog with all the goodness of CBD that they deserve. This tincture spray will help your pet get rid of all sorts of anxiety, depression, and body aches caused due to stress, overplaying, or old age. It will also help to boost the immunity and mood of your dog.

9. Blue Moon Hemp TRU BLU Bacon Dog Tincture 

We all love our dogs and their health is most important for us. Considering that, Blue Moon Hemp has formulated this CBT Pet Tincture in Bacon flavor so your pet can have a healthy endocannabinoid system while enjoying the delicious bacon flavor. 

It is made with the Nanotechnology and high-speed emulsion method which results in greater bioavailability. So, the tincture gets absorbed in the body fast and gives instant relief to your dog. A good thing about this product is that it comes in different sizes according to the size of your dogs, such as 250 mg for small breeds and 1000 mg for large breeds.

10. Veritas Farms Full Spectrum Skin And Allergy Dog Chews

Veritas Farms have formulated these CBD edibles with Chamomile and Valerian Root which will help keep your pet calm during unusual irritating situations such as fireworks, thunderstorms, and traveling.

You should infuse these chews in your dog's daily life so they don't get annoyed in any such situation and stay relaxed and calm when you are not around. The chews are also helpful for treating skin problems or any allergy that your dog has. Besides all these benefits it comes in a savory flavor that your pet will love to eat at any time of the day.

11. CBDIALED Muscle and Joint Dog Tincture 

Just like us humans, dogs can also feel muscle stiffness and pain. There can be a lot of reasons behind it, such as old age, internal issues, or other problems. This CBDIALED pet tincture mainly works to treat muscle problems. It will help in inflammation reduction and treat stiff muscles.


With plant-based terpenes, your dog can enjoy enhanced flavor and aroma. Moreover, this tincture is THC-free, with no artificial flavors, colors, chemicals, yeast, and sugar, which makes it completely safe for your pet to ingest on daily basis. Regular intake, in the long run, can help prevent muscle and joint problems in the future too. 

12. King Kalm Soothe Spray For Dogs

King Kalm's CBD spray works to deal with the problems like dermal abrasions, hot spots, dry and cracked skin. It is made with Aloe Vera, chamomile, and tea tree oil, which helps to reduce inflammation and protect the dog's skin against potential infections with no hazardous ingredients. This spray also has soothing effects which can help to reduce your dog's urge to lick and scratch the skin. The best thing about this product is that each batch of it has been tested in independent labs for purity, safety, and quality.

13. Social Broad Spectrum Bacon Flavor Dog Tincture 

Social CBD pet tincture is made with a delicious bacon flavor. Not only does it possess a flavor that your pet will love but will also provide your dog with the ideal serving of CBD. There are many flavors available of Social CBD tincture, but Bacon is the strongest one so your dog could never reject it. The tincture is designed to be your dog’s best companion, relaxing it when you are not around. Make sure to give your dog this tincture half an hour before leaving the house so you don't have to see an irritated dog when you get back home.

14. Pinnacle Hemp Full Spectrum Dog Treats

CBD dog treats by Pinnacle Hemp come in bone shape and tasty chicken flavor that is super appealing to dogs. These zesty chicken bites contain full-spectrum CBD to provide your dog with the health and quality of life that it deserves. If your dog is getting lazy, annoyed, easily irritated, or isn't listening to you, make sure to add these chews to your dog's daily life.

The CBD treats are formulated to keep your dog calm and relaxed so you can easily control their behavior. It will also help to boost their mental and physical health.

15. SANAR Full Spectrum CBD Pills for Dogs 

SANAR CBD pills are all that you need to add to your dog's life to provide it with a high-quality life and better health. These pills contain full-spectrum CBD and all-natural ingredients which makes them safe to use while also giving them a very refreshing aroma.

These pills are formulated to help your dog get rid of anxiety and all sorts of body aches caused due to stress and old age. Besides, it comes in zesty chicken flavor so your pet never rejects these pills. For instant relief and optimal absorption, these pills dissolve in your pet's intestinal tract rather than the stomach. Therefore, if you are using these pills for specific situations, better give them at least 30 minutes before the event.  

16. Core CBD No-Rinse Dog Conditioner 

If your dog has scratches and itches and is always busy scratching the body then this conditioner by Core CBD is a perfect solution for your dog. This conditioner will not only treat scratches and itches but will also help your dog to get rid of dry and flaky skin. Simply apply the conditioner to the affected areas and wait for a few minutes to watch the healing power of this CBD conditioner. It will treat all skin problems without matting or damaging your dog's fur. 

The best part is that you do not have to worry about washing the conditioner, just apply and leave. Thus, you can also use it outdoors. And since it comes in a slim cylindrical container it can easily fit into any bag. 

17. PCR Pure Full Spectrum Wellness 

PCR Pure CBD tincture delivers hemp-derived, full-spectrum cannabinoids and comes with a convenient dropper to ensure accurate dosage intake. You can add the tincture drops to your dog’s food or put them directly into its mouth. It will help your pet to stay calm and relaxed, especially when you are not around or they are in an irritating, unusual situation. Giving this tincture daily to your dog will help to improve its overall health and boost its mental capabilities. It consists of all-natural ingredients which give it a very nice aroma and make it completely safe for your pet.

18. OG Labs Steak Bites Dog Treats

Getting back from a tiring workday and finding out your dog has destroyed your plants and torn away from your couch, you’d definitely be devastated. But generally, a lot of dog owners frequently have to go through this. The sole reason being your dog’s agitation in your absence.

To calm your dog in conditions like these and protect your property from your furry friend’s rage, OG Labs has come up with an amazingly relaxing formula.  

This CBD treats by OG Labs is a perfect solution to this problem. Loaded with premium quality full-spectrum CBD, these delicious steak bites take minutes to calm your dog down completely. Featuring an organic composition, these treats also improve the immune system and sleep quality. 

19. HIGHMERICA Unflavored CBD Dog Tincture

This CBD tincture by HIGHMERICA will help your dog live its best life safely, naturally, and legally. It improves dogs’ quality of its life and boosts their health. Just a few drops of this tincture can help your dog have a very relaxed and active day. A plus point about this CBD tincture is that it comes unflavored. Thus, you can easily add it to any of your dog’s food or drink, allowing it to enjoy the amazing benefits of CBD without having to taste anything strange or unfamiliar.

20. Happy Place Hemp Salmon Oil CBD Pet Spray

Happy Place Hemp has developed an easy-to-administer CBD tincture. This tincture comes in a spray bottle and can be sprayed onto your dog's food. You can also spray this tincture directly into your dog's mouth, whichever suits you. 

The tincture consists of salmon oil that dogs hold a separate corner for in their hearts. Not only good flavor but this fish oil also provides your dog with essential and healthy fatty acids and proteins. It helps to make your dog healthy both mentally and physically. 


These were some of the best CBD products for your dog to try in 2021. All these products mentioned above are from reputable companies, the third-party tested, and have distinct ingredients and benefits. When selecting the best one for your dog, start by identifying its needs and choose one accordingly. Be careful, some products are to be used according to dog sizes and ages.