How To Use CBD Flower Without Smoking It?

How To Use CBD Flower Without Smoking It?

Ever since the hemp CBD flowers gained immense popularity among people, there has been a lot of talk about it, the benefits, the side effects, the purpose, and more. But surprisingly, there's one very important thing about it that most people are still not quite familiar with, the consumption.

Given its nature, most people believe that the ideal way of CBD consumption is by smoking or vaping it, which is true to some extend. In simpler words, to use CBD flower in your everyday life, you don't have to always smoke it. There are many easy and effective ways you can incorporate these into your everyday life.

When you look to shop for these at a quality CBD store, you will find CBD flowers being available in different products. Let us learn about some of the healthy ways to use CBD flowers.


  • Use It With Coconut Oil

The first and perhaps the most beneficial way to use CBD flower is by adding it to your coconut oil. The reason behind this is that coconut is a great binding agent for cannabidiols which allows your CBD to effectively get absorbed in your bloodstream and through there to the rest of your body.

Mixing your CBD with coconut oil then opens up many possibilities for how you are going to use it. You can cook food with it, you can use it in your morning coffee, or simply massage your skin with it. All of these can be done easily without having to make too much effort.


  • Make Your CBD Honey

Just like your coconut, we all know how good honey is for our health, which makes it pretty obvious that using honey with your hemp flower is a smart thing to do. Just take a bottle of your favorite honey, sprinkle some hemp flower on it and, mix it well.

Once you have done that, it is good to use it any way you want. You can eat a spoon full of it, add it to your cooked meals, have it with toast in breakfast, or experiment with some other dish if you wish to. CBD honey is one of the best ways of consuming it.


  • CBD Capsules And Energy Mints

In case, you don't want to take the flower add it to coconut or honey, there's an even easier option right there. Just buy CBD capsules or mint and have it. Yes, you heard it right. Among the other popular CBD, consumption ideas are capsules and mints. Any good provider will surely offer these to the customers.

The benefit of these particular CBD products is that you can take them along in your pocket and have it anywhere, anytime. Unlike the other options, where you would have to take the flower mix it, etc. It is just like having your everyday vitamin.


  • CBD Bath Bombs

 If you bought hemp flowers for sale in Oregon and are wondering how you are going to use them, here's a very interesting idea. Draw yourself a CBD bath bomb. Most people use CBD for pain relief and you could enhance its effect by using the dried flowers in your bath.

Not just CBD, you can add more to your bath bomb recipe by using an essential oil, scented candles, etc. Apart from using dried flowers, you can also go for your CBD-infused coconut oil which will not only relax every muscle of your body but will offer other health benefits as well.


  • Go For CBD Kombucha

 As you might already know, that Kombucha is used to improve digestion and has several other health benefits to offer too, which is why infusing CBD with Kombucha is a great idea. CBD kombucha along with offering health benefits will hide away the original taste of CBD.

If you were planning on giving CBD to someone who doesn't enjoy its taste, mixing and having it with Kombucha is your ultimate solution. You can prepare it at your home easily with some store-bought kombucha.



From now on, if anyone tries to tell you that there's only one way to use CBD which is smoking, you got 5 examples to prove that person wrong. As long as shopping for CBD is concerned, you might want to visit Dr. Strains CBD for that. They have plenty of options available for you to choose from.