Should I Take CBD After Working Out?

The many various benefits that CBD offers to your body after a workout.

Should I Take CBD After Working Out?

Yes, of course you should! If you want to feel better, recover sooner, and sleep better, then taking CBD is the right choice for you!

One of our main goals at I’ll Pump You Up is to support your healthy lifestyle and help you on your fitness journey, whether you pump iron, do crossfit, run 5k’s, are a yogi, or do any other kind of exercise. 

At one point or another, it happens to many of us when we workout, we push our bodies to the extreme during a workout and become so sore that we need two or three days to recover before we workout again.

With the benefits listed below, taking CBD after working out will help you feel better and will help you to workout more often!

The many benefits that taking CBD can bring to your fitness routines are:

Reduces Inflammation

There are numerous research studies that show CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory resource. It also has an analgesic effect that reduces any pain you may be having.

Less Soreness

Coupled with reducing inflammation, your muscles are less likely to feel sore.

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) will also be reduced. You know that feeling when you get out of bed the day after you worked out and feel like a bag of bricks? Yes, CBD can help reduce the likelihood of that!

Lower Cortisol Levels

With all the recent focus on Corona Virus and immunity issues, it has been stated that working out suppresses your immune system. Here’s why: your body registers working out as stress. You are putting stress on your muscles by doing reps or moving and grooving. Because of this, cortisol will be produced. If you’re trying to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or become a lean machine, cortisol can slow all of that down by hindering muscle growth and recovery. CBD helps lower your cortisol levels so that your workouts are as beneficial as they could be.

Prolong Runner's High

For the sake of not getting too biological, we’ll keep this one simple. After you run, your brain releases a compound (anandamide) which makes you feel so good and blissful! Then, an enzyme (FAAH) comes along and suppresses that good feeling. CBD has been shown to slow down that enzyme so that your runner’s high can last longer. Don’t we all want to feel good for longer?

Better Sleep

When you are worried about the future and when you can’t stop thinking about what tomorrow's going to bring, you may be experiencing troubles falling asleep. Sleep is essential to our recovery process after working out. Recovering your muscles is just as important as the workout itself. CBD is well known for helping improve the ease of falling asleep as well as staying asleep.

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