Full Review of the Sunday Scaries – CBD Gummies, CBD Vegan Gummies, CBD oil, CBD Candy, And Sidepiece

The type of product you expect to get from a brand largely depends upon its purpose. Therefore, I believe it’s significant to discuss the purpose of a company before getting down to its product and that’s what I did here.

Full Review of the Sunday Scaries – CBD Gummies, CBD Vegan Gummies, CBD oil, CBD Candy, And Sidepiece

Full Review of the Sunday Scaries – CBD Gummies, CBD Vegan Gummies, CBD oil, full spectrum cbd oil, CBD Candy, And Sidepiece

In this article, I’ll be reviewing Sunday Scaries CBD product line including CBD Gummies, Vegan AF (CBD Vegan Gummies), CBD Oil Tincture, Unicorn Jerky, andSidepiece (CBD Bundle).

CBD or Cannabidiol is used in traditional medicine for its amazing relaxing and calming properties. People facing stress due to work hassle or lacking focus in daily life can greatly benefit from this medicine.

Brand’s Purpose

The type of product you expect to get from a brand largely depends upon its purpose. Therefore, I believe it’s significant to discuss the purpose of a company before getting down to its product and that’s what I did here.

For Sunday Scaries, I am especially motivated to present its purpose because of the humane nature of the faces working behind it. Mike and Beau are the co-founders of Sunday Scaries which they established in 2017. They started the brand with the sole purpose of helping their community live a healthy and happy life while struggling to make ends meet.

They have been through an extremely stressful period in life and know how badly stress can affect a person’s mental and physical health. It was their life experience that encouraged them to help others going through similar situations.

Through this brand, they want to inspire people to work their way towards good times instead of waiting for them to somehow happen on their own. Making money is what every business does but not everyone does it the right way like Mike and Beau.

Sticking true to their purpose, the two entrepreneurs have introduced some of the most amazing CBD products including gummies, vegan gummies, oil, and candy.

Sunday Scaries Detailed CBD Products Review

Sunday ScariesCBD Oil Tincture

CBD Oil Tinctureis my ultimate favorite from the brand. It took only a few drops to reach the conclusion that this was the best tasting CBD oil out there. And on top of that, it was easy to carry around and handle. Although I usually kept it at home and took a few drops an hour before sleeping, I took it around when traveling. The dropper is super easy to use and I could easily drop the desired amount under the tongue without creating any mess.

Taking a couple of drops after a hard day at work took all the tiredness away. The tense feeling of having to do work all day was replaced by a sense of calm.

This has now become a go-to product for me as a CBD consumer not only because of its taste and feel but also due to the fact that I am able to sleep peacefully at night after taking just a couple of drops which being a low-strength consumer is a big plus.

The oil contains broad-spectrum CBD oil, organic stevia, natural flavors vitamin D3, vitamin B12, and coconut oil. This organic blend is an energizing remedy to stress and a healthy body. The use of natural coconut oil with additional vitamin groups makes this oil exceptional among its kinds.

Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies

Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies effectively took away all my worries and tensions in less than 30 minutes. I took 2 of them after lunch when I still had an hour before a stressful meeting. I thought a funny video would help but that light mood was quickly replaced by anxiousness as the video ended. So, I gave these gummy bears a try. Pop two of them in my mouth and was suddenly welcomed by a sweet taste which really completed my lunch.

I can say the mild sweetness made it taste more original which I later discovered it actually was. These gummies are made up of pure sugar cane – no artificial sweeteners!

Moving on to the other ingredients I realized I have never seen vitamin D3 and B12 in any other CBD gummy before. In case you don’t know vitamin D3 strengthens the immune system and B12 regenerates the nerves. Thus, they are extremely helpful for your body, and having them in a CBD gummy is a major benefit.

The other ingredients included coconut oil, pure sugar cane, and broad-spectrum CBD oil. Since broad-spectrum CBD oil does not contain THC even in the slightest amount this product is entirely free of THC. I could feel the calming effect of these amazing gummies for about 2-3 hours which exceeded my expectations of these.

CBD Vegan Gummies

Each CBD vegan Gummies bottle offers 20 gummies and I would say they do work pretty well for calming the mind. I only had to use 2 gummies for a sound sleep compared to endless anxiety-inducing thoughts before. Although I took them two hours before bedtime, their lasting effects could be felt even after that. I didn’t try exceeding the recommended usage which is 2-3 gummies, though considering the fact that each gummy only has 10 mg I think a little overdose once or twice would not harm – that’s just an assumption I haven’t tried it myself. 

Moreover, they have a great smell and effectively ease my burdened mind while being completely vegan. Knowing that I am not hurting a poor animal while on my way to a better life is a major relief. Although I do not actively contribute to animal-security campaigns, this gummy gave me an easy way to contribute.

Not only are these vegan but also completely organic and highly healthy. The composition involves organic sugar, corn syrup, citric acid, broad-spectrum hemp extract, vitamin D3, and vitamin B12. The added vitamin content enhances the cool and calm feeling this product is formulated to provide. They are gluten and GMO-free and also do not have any sort of allergens like egg, dairy products, wheat, soy, etc.

These gummies have the shape of gumdrops and are given different colors. Each color has a flavor from lime, lemon, cherry, and tangerine. Their sour coating came as an extra treat for my tastebuds.

CBD Candy

Here comes another product with another great cause. CBD candies – the Unicorn Jerky – has been dedicated to the wellbeing of young LGBTQ lives that are more likely to attempt suicide than heterosexual people. The people behind the brand had lost a loved one to the hands of cruelty that force them to take their own lives and they want to save others from becoming a victim of that. Thus, we have CBD candies. On the purchase of a CBD candy, the company donates £1 to The Trevor Project – the group working to save young LGBTQ lives.

These candies are colorful strips coated with delightful crystallized sugar and feature a tutti-frutti flavor – an all-time mood changer. I have taken at different times throughout the days and each time I was welcomed by the same effective calming sensation. The candy hardly takes 20 minutes to completely clear the mind.

I believe the primary components of the candy - broad-spectrum CBD oil, coconut oil, and pure sugar cane – deserve some acknowledgment too. The broad-spectrum CBD oil ensures you enjoy all the benefits of a hemp extract without THC. The coconut oil makes the candy more chewy while giving it a tropical taste. As obvious as it seems, the pure sugar cane contributes to the sweet taste in a completely organic way.

CBD Bundle – Sidepiece

Sunday Scaries also offers some amazing bundles; they call them the Sidepiece and Rando. I received the Sidepiece, their best seller, which is composed of a bottle of CBD gummies and a bottle of CBD oil – the complete day-night package. This allowed me to enjoy the amazing products for another week after the bottles ended.

I took 2 gummies during the day and about 1/3 dropper of oil about an hour before going to sleep. The combo is all you need to have a perfectly smooth life. The week during which I used the bundle went by like breeze loaded with positivity.

The bottles are also quite easy to carry around and do not take much space in the bag either. I didn’t have to think twice before tossing them in the bag whenever I went out.


CBD has become an important part of our lives and Sunday Scaries made them even more pleasurable. The brand is highly reliable and offers some of the most amazing CBD products in the market that help the user contribute to significant social causes like breast cancer, suicide, and animal-security. Using these products offer a different level of satisfaction, knowing your purchase promotes a better society.

The CBD bear gummies available in different colors and flavors are a great stress-reliever. Their organic composition makes them a healthy choice for everyone. They are easy to carry and can be taken to workplaces if needed. CBD oil is another product by the brand. It kicks away all the stress in a short time and ensures peaceful sleep and a fresh morning. The CBD candy and vegan gummies encourage social betterment in the most tongue-twisting way possible.

The bundle is my personal favorite. It forms a good bargain as you can get two super amazing products at almost half price.