Full Review of the Thrive Flower CBD Products

Thrive Flower is based in the United States and has been a leading provider of the finest CBD products in all of the US. Thrive Flower features a wide range of products, including pain relief salves, gummies, dog treats, vape pens, and much more.

Full Review of the Thrive Flower CBD Products

Full Review of the Thrive Flower CBD Products

In this review, I'll be reviewing Thrive Flower's wide range of CBD products. These include CBD Gummy BearsCBD Pain Relief SalveCBD LotionCBD Muscle GelCBD Dog TreatsCBD FlowerCBD Oil for PetsCBD Vape Pen, and Full Spectrum CBD Oil.

About Thrive Flower

Thrive Flower is based in the United States and has been a leading provider of the finest CBD products in all of the US. Thrive Flower features a wide range of products, including pain relief salves, gummies, dog treats, vape pens, and much more.

All of its products are aimed at providing you with the purest form of CBD and all-natural ingredients to ensure you stay stress-free, more focused, and sharp. The company thoroughly tests each of its product before shipping it and guarantees results.

The company is relatively new, but its dedication towards the betterment of society can be seen from its wide variety of CBD products. Even your dogs and other pets can benefit from its CBD products.

Without any further ado, let's dive into the product review.

Full Review of Thrive Flower's CBD Products

CBD Gummy Bears

Thrive Flower's CBD gummies are made with the purest of CBD hemp extract and all-natural ingredients. From opening the package, I could already tell the products are of excellent quality and already had an expectation of how these gummy bears would be like.

There are two strengths of CBD that you can choose from in CBD Gummy bears, including 700 mg and 1750 mg of CBD. I received 700 mg size, and each gummy had about 35 mg of CBD per gummy.

I popped 2 gummies, and much to my surprise, each gummy bear, had a distinct flavor. One was my favorite strawberry flavor, and the other was orange. These are multi-flavored and multi-colored gummies, including strawberry, orange, and lemon. The CBD gummy bears calmed me down after a hectic day at work, and the effects were long-lasting.

CBD Pain Relief Salve

Thrive Flower's CBD Pain Relief Salve is aimed to provide you with spot-on relief from pain. It worked precisely where I applied it, and within minutes of application, I was relieved from the pain.

I specifically liked the idea of pain relief being a single application away. Honestly speaking, the results blew me away. The lower back pain that was bothering me for days was gone with only a single application.

Although it came back after a few hours, another application of the pain relief slave was all I needed to get rid of the pain. The reason behind the magical results is the strength of CBD and the purest of ingredients used in the pain relief slave. It is packed with 1000 mg of CBD, which is thoroughly tested in world-class labs.

CBD Lotion

Thrive Flower CBD Lotion is made with pure Cannabidiol Isolate, Vitamins, and vegan, GMO-free, and paraben-free ingredients. Packed with 300 mg of CBD per container, it can significantly improve your skin condition with frequent usages.

I didn't believe this at first until I tried this. For the review, I put it on every day and let it stay. Within only a couple of days and frequent usage, I noticed visible results - natural glow, extra softness, and hydration.  

It is entirely safe to use it all over your body and doesn't have any adverse effects whatsoever. The CBD in this lotion can provide effective results, and honestly speaking, it only took a few applications for me to make it a part of my daily skincare routine.

CBD Muscle Gel

Thrive Flower CBD Muscle Gel has a really space-friendly container and can easily fit all small-sized bags if you need to carry it. I loved the lid of the container due to its wooden texture, and it kind of made me want to use it.

It has a whopping 500 mg of pure CBD hemp extract. It is made with numerous oils, including white camphor bark oil, sweet basil leaf oil, black pepper oil, roman chamomile flower oil, german chamomile flower oil, cinnamon leaf oil, citronella oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, and much more. Similar to the other products, it is vegan, paraben-free, and GMO-free.

I'm not sure if it's a coincidence, but I felt symptoms of muscle pain in my arms due to a busy conference this week. With some applications of the pure CBD muscle gel, it helped alleviate the pain, and over time, the effects became more vivid. I also noticed an icy sensation that I absolutely loved. I will be recommending it to athletes who have days filled with activities and are on the lookout for instant pain relief.

CBD Dog Treats

My dog absolutely loves treats, and the CBD Dog Treats by Thrive Flower instantly became my boy's favorite. While at first, I couldn’t figure out what made these my dog’s favorite, but on observing the treats, It had a bacon-like taste.

The bacon-like taste did it for my dog, and I was really happy to see my dog receiving a daily dose of CBD. I’ve always been a big fan of CBD and its health benefits and seeing the dog treats was thrilling for me.

The CBD Dog Treats have 2 mg of CBD per treat and have over 30 chews per bag. The ingredients that make up for an excellent dog treat are all-natural and GMO-free. Dog treats also have vitamins and antioxidants that your dog can severely benefit from while receiving his daily dose of CBD.

CBD Oil for Pets

CBD oil is another great means of providing your pet with a dose of CBD. All you need is to add a few drops of CBD oil in your pet’s food or simply under your pet’s tongue. It has a whopping 750 mg of CBD and over 25 mg of CBD in one dropper.

One dropper has approximately 30 drops and over 0.8 mg of CBD per drop. This made it super easy for me to feed my pet with CBD oil since I knew precisely how much to feed. It all has to do with the weight of your pet. For pets under 20lbs, you can begin with 1-2 drops, pets 21-45lbs start with 3-6 drops, and for pets over 45lbs, you can start with 7-10 drops.

I began to see my pet sleeping more peacefully, and he even became more energetic and playful. This made the experience all worth it since the CBD oil for pets was relatively new to me, and I had no prior experience with it.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

CBD oils have always been my favorite due to their versatile usage. You can either consume it by taking a few drops under your tongue, or you can also add it to your favorite liquids.

The full-spectrum CBD oil comprises all-natural ingredients, including MCT Coconut Oil and full-spectrum Cannabidiol. It is available in a whopping 750 mg, 1500 mg, and 3500 mg of CBD strengths. I received the 1500 mg size, and quite frankly, the results were out of the ordinary.

I haven’t felt this peaceful in a long while. The full-spectrum CBD oil significantly improved the quality of my sleep. I constantly found myself resorting to CBD oil since I struggle with sleep most of the time. This was a dream come true for me.

CBD Flower

CBD Flower is not your ordinary strain. I repeat, it is not your ordinary strain. The long-lasting CBD flower kept me relaxed after a busy day at work. Smoking CBD through inhalation is one of the best ways to get your daily dose of CBD.

It is sourced from the purest hemp extract and has no artificial additives whatsoever. When it comes to the effects, it is where it made all the difference. CBD flower provided me with relief from anxiety within just a few minutes and allowed me to stay focus and sharp.

CBD Vape Pen

CBD Vape Pen is one of a kind when it comes to smoking CBD through inhalation. The fact that it is disposable made it easier for me to carry it around. It has over 200 mg of CBD and has 4 primary flavors. These include Blueberry Raspberry, Natural, Mango, and Spearmint Lime.

I received the mango flavor and absolutely loved it. It also assured me that stress relief is just a few puffs away. The CBD vape pen instantly became my favorite since I could just use it due to its disposable body at any time of the day.


If there’s one thing I could say about these products, it will be “I absolutely recommend this to everyone who is looking for stress relief. Not only are these effective, but the overall quality of the products is out of the ordinary.

The quality of the products can be seen from its tags. They were stuck on properly, and even though I constantly carried most of them in my bag, they didn’t come off. These are the absolute best in terms of quality and quantity.