Ways to Get Your Customers Excited About 4/20

Here are some tips for Cannabusiness owners on how to stay afloat during the celebration of 4/20.

Ways to Get Your Customers Excited About 4/20
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Many cannabis enthusiasts and vendors are gearing up for 4/20. However, while individuals who plan on stocking up for the upcoming day of celebration know exactly what to look for in order to get the most bang for their buck, vendors who have yet to establish marketing strategies for this particular date may be wondering how they can ensure they attract the attention and the excitement they’re looking for. 

If you’re a business preparing for 4/20 and need some extra help to make sure that everything goes smoothly, here are a few ways to get your customers excited about 4/20 with ease. 

  1. Don’t Wait to Launch Your Promotions

While 4/20 is the celebratory date, many businesses begin launching their promotions much earlier in anticipation of the oncoming crowd. After all, most cannabis enthusiasts are going to be looking for what they need long before 4/20 rolls around, not shopping for what they need on the day of. Getting your customers excited about 4/20 early is the key to making sure that they’re stocking up on all of the sales and specials that you’re offering throughout the beginning of the month. Now is the time to begin crafting your email marketing campaigns and other marketing strategies so that you can cater to the needs of customers who are getting everything they need early. 

  1. Design Promotions That Are Tailored to Your Customers’ Likes

Although there are likely quite a few products that your customers enjoy, many customers have specific buying habits that you’ll want to pay close attention to as we draw closer to 4/20. Whether there’s a specific strain that seems to sell out faster than others, certain types of vapes or vape cartridges that are a hit among your buyers, or even materials like pre-rolled cones that many may be looking for throughout April, do an in-depth review of what your customers are buying and create promotions around those goods. You may also want to look around at your competitors to see what promotions they’re running and which of these promotions seem to be the most popular. Once they see that the product that they enjoy most is part of your 4/20 special, they’ll be sure to come to you for their cannabis needs!

  1. Make Sure That You’re Doing As Much As Possible to Promote Your Business

Loyal customers will likely come to fill their 4/20 needs regardless of the promotions you’re running as they’re familiar with your business and satisfied with your product. However, getting others excited about your business and your 4/20 promotions relies on your marketing strategy. The more comprehensive your marketing strategy, the greater your visibility. Develop an omnichannel marketing campaign that helps you target customers who have signed up for both emails and text messaging, individuals who are following you on social media or those who may be looking for promotions online, and in-store marketing efforts that encourage others to visit you to take advantage of specials you may not offer through your online storefront. With your focus on multiple marketing channels rather than just one, you’re able to get both loyal customers and prospective customers pumped about some of the offers you’re running in your store. 

  1. Host a Giveaway to Attract Fresh Eyes to Your Cannabusiness

Product promotions are great, but giveaways can be far more efficient in not only getting existing customers excited about 4/20 but making sure that you’re getting attention from new customers as well. One way to get started on your own giveaway is to create a giveaway page on your website where you can encourage current customers to sign up and refer their friends or engage in other actions in order to earn more entries and improve their odds of winning the giveaway. 

If you’re focusing on social media, you can partner with other brands. Announce your giveaway, and encourage your followers to follow those brands and tag their friends so that they can participate. Obviously, giveaways have a limited number of winners, but you can provide giveaway participants with exclusive promotions as an incentive for participating as well as shopping at your store for their 4/20 needs. With an attractive giveaway on your side, getting your customers excited and increasing your business is more than possible!

With so many cannabusinesses getting ready for 4/20, planning ahead of the competition is essential to making sure that you’re seeing the sales you want and attracting the new customers that will be purchasing your high-quality products throughout the year as well. If you’re concerned about your 4/20 performance, use the guide above to develop a solid marketing strategy, learn new ways to get customers excited about what your business has to offer, and craft promotions that are sure to satisfy your customers’ needs.